Monday, April 2, 2012

Lack of Posts

I apologize to my loyal readers (if any exist) for my lack of posting and interesting topics.  I just haven't been doing much fishing or tying this week.

I did my flies finished for Owl Jones' "Monsters of Fly Tying" swap, so once I get those back I will get up a post with photos of all the flies.

I signed up for another swap on the PA Fly Fish board for terrestrials.  Watch for a "How-to" on the Letort Cricket, one of Ed Shenk's masterpieces.

Traveled to Chestertown, MD on Saturday morning for their fishing and crabbing flea market.  Didn't buy a single thing as it was mostly trolling stuff and that's not how I fish.

There are a few trips in the pipeline.  Possibly heading to the beach the end of this week for some fishing action.  Also a possible trip to Asheville, NC for some trout action.  I'm excited for this one as it could be a return to the Smokey Mountains.

I'll get back out to the streams once the opening day frenzy dies down.  Southeast PA opened Saturday and DE opens this coming Saturday.  After a few days the initial push will die down and I'll be on the stream.

I'll try to get another fly tying "How-to" for my fly fishing essentials up in the next few nights.  Maybe a wooly bugger or a simple hare and copper or something like that.

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  1. Good luck on your trips. Opening day is a crazy event in its own.