About Me

Born in the Lehigh Valley and I cut my teeth catching Little Lehigh trout on night crawlers.  Worked up to Panther Martin spinners for trout.  Took lessons on fly fishing from the Little Lehigh Fly Shop (spot a theme yet?) at age 16, caught some monster trout during the onstream portion of the lessons during the Trico hatch and was hooked.  That winter got a tying kit for Christmas and started tying up a storm.  My first fish caught on a fly I tied was a little, wild trout from the LLH.  When I went to college, I put fishing on the back burner for a few years.  Recently, I picked up tying and fishing again as a break from the everyday life.  I was living in Wilmington, DE which isn't the trout capital of the world, but I had access to good warm water options and I'm not too far from the Jersey Shore and the Delaware Beaches. I've recently relocated to the Boise, Idaho area due to a better job opportunity.  I'm looking forward to exploring everything available to me and maybe picking up a new outdoor hobby or two.  I'm discovering new loves in the outdoors each and every day and can't wait to share them with my readers.

My most important job in life is being a dad and a husband.  I love my family and they will always come first.