Monday, May 19, 2014

Orvis Web Belts

So I got the new Orvis fly fishing catalog in the mail over the weekend and saw something that caught my eye.  This may or may not be a new product, but I hadn't seen it before, and my collection of Orvis clothing is rather small due to the cost associated with said gear.  I had been looking for a nylon web belt with some awesome trout motifs to wear pretty much all the time.  So they are offering these belts and they are just okay.  But look at the awesome collars offered for dogs in trout prints.  I'd much rather wear this print on my belt

No Stink Trout-Print Dog Collars 

than this print

Artisanal Troutskin Web Belt
I emailed Orvis and let them know how I feel and was told that my comments would be passed along to the Product Team.  Hopefully that means soon I can be wearing a belt that even non-fisherman would recognize as a trout print versus one that looks like some sort of digitized camo.  If you feel the same way, contact Orvis and let them know how you feel.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Breaking the "O" Skunk

Saturday I fished the Owyhee with two friends.  While we didn't have a record breaking day on the increased flows, I caught my first fish on the Owyhee and added two more to the tally before the day was over.  I had six on the line, but was only able to land three of them (I need to work on landing these Western trout).  I landed one trout while nymphing and two fishing a caddis on top.

Since this a catch-n-release stream, here are some videos of the brown trout being released.  I need some work on my video skills, but it's a start.