Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Costa Del Mar Blackfin 580P

I had been looking around for new sunglasses, I wanted something I could wear everyday but also use for fishing.  After trying on most every pair offered under the sun and finding nothing that would fit my unusually large melon, I tried on my brother-in-law's Blackfins.  That was a mistake, because they fit.  And the optical clarity they provided was awesome!  After trying them on, I knew I needed to have a pair for myself.  So I did my research on the lenses options available and settled on the 580P in Amber.  The frame color wasn't even a choice as I had decided long ago my next glasses would be tortoise shell.  So this is what my glasses look like.

I have tried these glasses out running the trotline for crabs in a tributary to the Chesapeake Bay and I was able to see deep down in the river as the trotline was being retrieved.  I have used these glasses fishing for trout on a limestone stream and I have been able to see trout lurking all over the place.  I have used these glasses driving around town and I'm disappointed when I go inside because I take my glasses off and I'm stuck with what my eyes really see.  No matter the application, these glasses make everything clearer.  I have no trouble cutting glare when I'm in my truck, when I'm on the boat, when I'm wading a stream.  These glasses are the shiznit!

Also, the frame has some sort of rubberization where it comes in contact with your face that gets tacky when you sweat.  This means glasses that don't slip around all over your face.

I haven't been surf fishing yet (that's coming soon), so I want to see how these glasses respond under the different conditions I can throw at them there.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Allen Fly Fishing Trout Reels on Clearance

Allen Fly Fishing is having a clearance sale to blow out the remaining stock of their Trout Reels.  Check it out before they are gone!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Video Wednesday - Fly Fishing NJ for Striped Bass in the NJ Surf

Thanks to Shell E. Caris for posting this video to YouTube for us to enjoy!

Shell E. is a guide who specializes in surf casting with fly or light tackle and he catches giant striped bass.  Check him out!

Happy Independence Day!

July 4, 1776, the day the Second Constitutional Congress gave a big ol' FU to England.  Enjoy celebrating however you choose, just be safe.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Delaware Seashore State Park - Sunday

After my buddy's birthday party on Saturday, we loaded up the truck and headed further south on Route 1 to the Delaware Seashore State Park for some fishing, suntanning, and playing in the ocean on Sunday.  I don't think exact location matters too much since the nature of saltwater fishing is that is changes with tide, wind, moon phase, how much air pressure is in your tires, etc.

We aired down in the lot, maneuvered around the SUV stuck on the access ramp (air down before going out next time) and found an opening between two trucks that wouldn't crowd out either of them.  I hate being crowded out, head further up or down the beach and there will be an opening for you, otherwise you should have gotten up earlier.

I got the rods set up while my wife set up the beach stuff.  My daughter made a beeline for the water as usual.  Since I was going to target kingfish and croaker, I decided to go with a hi/lo rig baited with bloodworms on one hook and squid strips on the other until I was able to get things dialed in.

Action started out hot, as I was casting out to where the breakers were forming and reeling in slowly.  I hit two kingfish right off the bat and thought things were going to get epic in a hurry.  But as the slack low tide turned and started to come in, the action slowed down.  I had two hits that I missed that felt like more kingfish, but I will never know as I was unable to set the hook.

We had a great day on the sand.  The wind was ENE so that kept things cooler and kept the bugs at bay.  My wife got some reading done and my daughter played in the surf and we built a small sand castle together.  At the end of the day, everyone was happy.