Saturday, April 7, 2012

Floundering in Lewes

To get the proper feel for this day, I suggest you read this entry sitting directly in front of a fan set on high and blowing directly into your face.

We started early Friday morning (5:30 AM) and headed down RT 1 with visions of flounder in our heads.  A check of the weather on the way down showed we were in for a treat.  Sunny skies with a high near 60 with winds out of the east at 15-20 mph.  Great!  Oh well, we were committed and decided to try anyway.  A stop at Bill's Sport Shop (formerly called Bill's Perms and Worms) an hour and half later revealed there was a small craft advisory in the bay.  We still decided to try since we were already there.  The boat launch was uneventful and went well despite the constant wind.  One look at the inlet and we decided to stay in the canal as there was no way the 17' center console was making its way through the white caps in the inlet.

We worked hard in the canal and had a great captain (thanks Bob) who wasn't afraid to motor around trying to find warmer water that was hopefully shielding from the wind.  That proved to be an impossible mission.  We did see the huge windmill and were able to see some osprey really up close.  Plus, a day spent fishing with good friends and the laughs that ensue is way better than any day spent at work.

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