Advertising/Gear Reviews

Have a product or service my readers might find useful?  Get in touch with me via the Contact Information page and we can work towards an agreement that will make us both happy.  I'm not in this for the money, I'm trying to get information out of my head and to whoever may stumble upon my little piece of the internet.  This is a fishing board that will focus mainly on fly fishing trips I take, products I use, and flies I tie, so don't be offended if I turn down your offer to put up an ad for something non-related.

Gear Reviews
Have some new fly box, bead head, fly, wading boots, fishing lodge you want to the word out about?  Contact me and I will certainly review your product and publish it on the blog.  I will give my honest opinion and let you know what I like and didn't like about your product.  When I'm finished testing out the product I will certainly return it to you, or if you prefer I will keep it and offer it my readers in a contest (more publicity for you) or in the rare case it is something I covet, I may keep it for myself.