Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rising from the dead

Well this place has certainly been quiet for a while.  I apologize to anyone who was relying on me to update this blog with any regularity.  Life got crazy in 2013.  My grandfather passed away, which sent me into a tailspin.  We found out my wife was pregnant, and we had a beautiful baby boy at the end of September.  And I took a new position and we are in the process of relocating to Meridian, ID.  So, all the miles of rivers and too many to count lakes and ponds of this great western state are mine to explore.  Come Jan. 1, I'll have my license and be ready to explore all this great state has to offer fishing wise.  To fill my time till then, I've been hiking.  Check out these pictures as an apology for my absence.

 Boise Foothills

Snake River Canyon below Swan Falls Dam 

Snake River Canyon below Shoshone Falls (about 1 mile upriver from Evil Knievel's jump site) 

Wees Bar petroglyphs 

Shafer Butte Lookout, el. 7582 

Rocky Canyon 

Wees Bar petroglyphs 

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