Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hitting the Sand

Saturday we headed south to hit the sand and try to see if any stripey ones were heading north within casting range.  After a quick stop at my wife's grandparents' house, we were on the beach and getting ready for some fishing.  I had stopped at a bait shop on the way down and picked up some bunker to toss into the surf, but had neglected to check my rigs and make sure I had what I needed, this would prove to be a costly mistake.

After airing down the tires on the truck we headed onto the beach and found a nice open spot where we wouldn't be crowding anyone.  My daughter made a beeline for the ocean and even though the water was around 60 degrees, she played the whole time we were there.  I got the spikes set up and started to rig up the rods.  I brought one rod to chunk bait and my new plugging rod to give that a break-in and see how it performed.  I looked in my bucket of rigs and found that I had nothing really to use to target stripers.  Oh well, make due with what you got.  I got the bait out and soaking and rigged up my Tsunami Airwave to give it a test.  This rod casts like a dream.  I paired it up with a Penn Battle reel, Suffix 832 30lb braid, topped with a 30lb mono leader.  I tossed out tins, bombers, poppers, everything I had with me and this thing handled them all.  I am anxious to get a fish on it to see how it does under stress, but that will take time.  I need to put my time in and pay my dues before I will be rewarded.

When I got home, I hit the internet to learn about how to properly rig for stripers off the beach and learned about the fish finder rig.  I ordered the right material I needed and will give them a go the next time I hit the surf.

 Photo courtesy of Stripers Online

I did manage to land a horseshoe crab on the bait rod.  Nothing like reeling in a nice wide bodied horseshoe crab.

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