Monday, February 20, 2012

Lancaster Fly Fishing Show Wrap-up

Saturday I attended the Fly Fishing Show that was held at the Lancaster Convention Center.  This was a new location for the show as it has bounced around several spots in PA trying to find one that worked.  I think they may have hit on a winner here.  After a nice ride through the country side, the building was easy enough to find.  Parking was located via a garage attached to the convention center.  The convention center itself is fairly new and was really nice.  If you are looking for a show on the magnitude of Somerset, this isn't the show for you.  If you are looking to get to talk to the "celebrity" tiers (I used the quotes not as a knock on the tiers, as these guys and gals are great, but more as a misuse of the word celebrity), talk to vendors one-on-one or walk around the floor without being a giant crowd this show is the one.
When I first got there I walked the floor to get a lay of the land.  I wasn't looking for much, just one material I had had trouble tracking antron yarn for some parachute flies I owe someone.  Found that.  I also picked up some sculpin wool to tie some Shenk's minnows.  Then it was time to head off to what I really enjoy, the featured tiers and talks.  I got to see Ed Shenk tie up the Letort Cricket and also Shenk's minnow (see purchase of scuplin wool above).  George Daniel tied up some of his favorite nymphs, all of which can be found in his book.  I also saw Bob Popovics tie up some surf candies, these will surely find a way into my boxes for the salt.  Eric Stroup was the last tier I watched and he tied up his favorite guide flies, flies he keeps in his box at all times because they are quick to tie and definitely catch fish.  I also sat in on George Daniel's talk on Dynamic Nymphing, which was a giant plug to his book, and I fell for it.  I ended up purchasing the book and having George sign it for me at the show.
After the show, I attended the International Fly Fishing Film Festival.  This was well put together and featured 7 films in the "Short" category and 6 films in the "Feature" category.  These films ranged from fishing unnamed streams with awesome editing to creating awareness of the plight of a particular river or region.  My personal favorite short was "Devil's Gold" by Castaway Films.

My favorite feature film was "Chasing the Run" by Patagonia Nation.

New Teaser - Chasing The Run | from PatagoniaNation on Vimeo.

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