Saturday, February 11, 2012

Foam Fly Swap?

Owl Jones is running a fly swap.  It's open to 25 tiers total.  The fly has to be a terrestrial pattern and has to incorporate foam into it.  Get over there and join the 2012 Monsters of Fly Tying swap (I'm pretty sure Owl has that phrase trademarked now). A huge thanks for OJ for being the swap master and making this happen.


  1. Hi, found your blog and followed. JGR

  2. JGR, welcome to the blog. Hopefully I put up enough interesting content to keep you coming back.

  3. I'm in the swap also.
    Glad I found my way over here VIA the link owl put up.
    Nice blog you got here! I do appreciate you putting wildfly365 on your blog roll! Thanks!

    1. G Lech, thanks for the kind words about my blog. Wildfly found its way onto the blog roll since I something I actually read. I won't put something up there if I don't check it out myself.