Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The family that fishes together...


Took a drive on Sunday to the beach after we were done with church.  Hit up the bait shop to get some finger mullet first.  Then found an opening on the sand.  Action was good with lots of smaller blues hitting both whole mullet and mullet chunks.

We caught a bunch of blues like this one with two coming home with us for dinner the next night. 

The excitement of the day came when I was checking out some small taps on the smaller rod.  I picked the rod out of the holder and BOOM! that hit bent the rod down to the handle.  The fight was on as this was a smaller set up to catch smaller blues in the wash.

After some drag pulling runs, I was able to land and see what I had hooked up with. 

My first red fish.  It was definitely a satisfying day on the sand.  Can't wait to get back there next weekend.


  1. Nice trip to the beach. I got into a bunch of those smaller blues this year back in July and August, and were excellent eating.

    1. Thanks! The blues were definitely delicious. I had never kept any before, but will certainly be keeping more in the future. I was inspired by your post of the blues earlier this summer.

  2. last time i kept fish was blues from the shore, and its only because someone else did the cleaning.. that said, they're small, they mass produce, and they're basically the bluegill of the ocean so you don't feel nearly as guilty.

    that said, if i could get someone to clean them, i'd be willing to keep a bucket of bluegills, but, effort. and guts. no thanks.