Monday, January 23, 2012

Woven Anchor Nymphs

Well it is winter so that means I need to fill all the empty spots in my box.  When on the stream I am fishing a Euro nymphing rig more times than not.  I usually run two nymphs, one heavy anchor to get the flies down in the water column quickly and the other fly is a lightly weighted fly (or unweighted fly).  My anchor nymph box has a lot missing in it.  I decided to start working on some woven nymphs tonight.  I did three color combos: brown over tan, brown over yellow, and brown over olive. 

Woven Nymph
Hook: Size 8 nymph hook
Thread: Brown 6/0
Top: Brown DMC embroidery thread
Bottom: Tan/Yellow/Olive DMC
Rib: Various wire colors
Collar: Hare's ear plus or squirrel dubbing
Bead: Varies
Weight: Lead or non-lead underbody
Special Thanks go out to the guys who run Fly Guy's Guide Service for posting an awesome tutorial on how to do the shuttle weave that I used for these flies.  Also, thanks for Aaron Jasper for taking the time to show me how to do the weave in person.

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