Thursday, December 29, 2011

Father's Day Crabbing Trip

I apologize in advance since I'm bouncing around here right now in the beginning until I get in the flow of this blogging thing.

So for Father's Day this year (instead of playing baseball which I prefer to do) I went crabbing with my father-in-law.  He picked me up at 3:00 AM so we could head on down to the Chester River for our first crabbing run together.  We saw a beautiful sunrise over the water.

We then proceeded to set out the trot line.  For those who are reading who don't crab, a trot line is a length of nylon rope (in this case we were running 1250' the maximum allowed) with bungee cord snoods attached every so many feet (5-10 or so).  The snoods have a loop on the end so you can attach the bait (we were using chicken necks).  You anchor down the two ends of the trot line with a length of chain in the middle of the line to anchor that down.  As you run alongside the trot line, you pick up the line and net any crabs that are hanging onto your bait.  Pretty basic concept, takes a little time to get used to the execution.  When you get to the end of the line, you unhook the line from the boat and head back to the other end to do it again.  After a bushel of crabs, you head home.  We busheled out around 1000, took the boat back to its storage area, cleaned it off and headed home for some much needed rest.

That afternoon, we all got together for a crab feast!

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